Dave has degrees in engineering-physics, and operations research. The academic back ground has a wide exposure to mathematics including statistics, time series analysis, and system modeling. Through school and work for a wide range of clients including government, small manufacturers, construction companies, and software developers Dave has experience on a wide range of computing platforms and languages. This includes Object Oriented development in C++, real time and data base projects in C, and scientific applications in Fortran. Web experience includes maintenance in HTML, scripting, and Java development including Swing components and JDBC.


STW Software, Inc. is located in Denver, CO

Languages : Java, C, C++, Fortran, SQL, various assemblers.

Operating system : Linux, MacOS, SunOs, Solaris, ECOS, VMS, OS-9, various Unix flavors.

Project Types : Scientific Computation, Mathematical modeling and solutions, Real time data acquisition, business applications in inventory control, Seismology computation and data management (Edge/CWB software), Material Requirement Planning (MRP), costing and general ledger systems.

References will be provided on request.

Send E-mail : ketchum@stw-software.com

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