David C. Ketchum

(303) 520-5840 ketchum@stw-software.com


Owner operator of a geophysical exploration contractor, and software consultancy specializing in real time, embedded, and scientific applications. Consultant to small and mid-sized businesses in solving system, work flow, manufacturing, inventory and management information problems. Software development experience in both in business and scientific computing. Education has emphasized mathematical modeling, and physical sciences while consulting experience spans client negotiations, requirements gathering, systems design and implementation, and porting. For 19 years has contracted with a government agency for work on data acquisition, scientific analysis, and storage of seismological data. Formerly an elected city councilor and mayor pro-tem in the City of Golden.

Work Experience

1/85-Present President/Consultant. S.T.W. Software, Inc., Denver, CO.

Designed and developed the EDGE data acquisition, storage and distribution system for the USGS National Earthquake Information Center (NEIC). This system acquires data in a variety of protocols (Q330, Q680, SeedLink, CD1.1, LISS, Earthworm) homogenizes all data to a single standard form, indexes and provides real time data to the NEIC Hydra system. The system allows distribution of data in a variety of formats and protocols used by the seismic community (RRP, WaveServer, miniSEED, SAC, and WFDISC). The system scans for missing data and in some cases causes missing data to be fetched from the original source. This system uses TCP/IP protocols, Java, Netbeans, MySQL databases as its core technologies. Integrated and tested various software from other vendors for use in the project (LIB330, SeedLinkClient, ISI). Currently under contract for enhancements and maintenance work on this system with the NEIC.

Designed and developed a database for storage of the International Registry of Stations, Agencies, and Networks (IRSAN) in cooperation with the International Seismology Centre using requirements approved by the IASPEI. This system will eventually replace the current station registry method and allow greater flexibility in handling station name spaces.

Designed a developed a server for ingestion and distribution of seismic metadata. The system inputs metadata from dataless SEED and StationXML, and distributes data in variety of seismic community forms (dataless SEED, RESP, StationXML, SAC cooked response).

Designed and developed a specialized inventory tracking system for U.S.G.S. seismic system in Java (JDBC), relational database server, SQL including tracking field connections for system response for digital signal processing analysis. Responsible for embedded development using ECOS on Devicemaster RTS platform of a communications control application for forwarding seismic data via TCP/IP based VSATs.

Developed system for tracking large youth baseball league games, umpire assignments, payroll, using Java (JDBC), relational database server, SQL, and other web tools. Javascript project to search data base and build dynamic HTML page.

Part time instructor in computer science and mathematics at Red Rocks Community college.

Y2K remediation contract for a Denver based utility’s reporting system. Analyzed system code, designed database changes, implemented conversion and testing programs. Made changes as needed to all portions of the existing system to support new data formats and Y2K related issues.

Under contract ported the Unidata data base management system to VAX/VMS to support new versions of the operating system and to fix bugs. Updated the regression tests for the product to make possible future certification of product.

Under government contract to the U.S. Geological Survey’s NEIC developed software for the U.S. National Seismic Network (NSN) station processor which acquires high dynamic range seismic data from a broad band seismometer, scans the data for potential seismic events, and transmits the data via X.25 satellite links to the data center using C on OS-9 and via TCP/IP sockets.

Involved in the design and implementation of the data center system to archive, manipulate, and disseminate data received from the NSN using FORTRAN on VAX/VMS, and C on SunOS and Solaris, and the X Window GUI. Created client server software used to operate and monitor the seismic data system via TCP/IP and DECNET.

Wrote software for remote universities and government agencies to transmit seismic data via TCP/IP or satellite based X.25 using C on various UNIX systems with processing similar to the NSN. Designed and implemented software to receive and process data from the NSN. Traveled to various locations to implement same software with various data sources. Wrote primer to aid outside organizations in contributing data to or receiving data from the Earthquake Center. Developed and gave presentation to various groups describing the capabilities of the NSN.

Various consulting contracts on VAX/VMS, Unix, Windows and Macintosh platforms. Geophysical software development and maintenance on Macintosh computers using Symantec C/C++ IDE, Language Systems FORTRAN, on PCs using Microsoft Visual C++, and on UNIX Systems using C. Projects include specialized reporting from Job Cost database to facilitate client work flows, specialized data base application for tracking inventory, material requirements, and sales analysis using the RDM database system. Master’s Thesis was a program for symbolically manipulating constrained non-linear optimization problems to simplify solution by traditional solvers using Symantec C++ on Macintosh and Visual C++ on Windows PCs.

Has experience with device drivers, design and implementation of various hardware interfaces, and use of data acquisition and control devices.

5/79 - 2/86 Vice President, Argonaut Enterprises, Inc., Denver, CO

Argonaut was a small geophysical exploration company providing electromagnetic surveys primarily magnetotelluric and time domain electromagnetic response data and interpretation. DCK was a one-half owner of this company after starting as a junior programmer. Responsible for a staff of 3 operators and programmers and up to 15 field operations personnel. Duties include design and implementation of scientific and data acquisition system for the analysis of electromagnetic geophysical data, system maintenance, integration of special purpose interfaces, process scheduling, customer relations and project staffing. Applications include scientific programs for time and frequency domain analysis of time series, real time data acquisition, and graphic presentation. Hardware includes DEC SYSTEM-10, VAX/VMS, and PDP-11 . Wrote downloaded and ROM software to emulate RT-11 operating system for field data acquisition systems. Responsible for outside consulting including data acquisition, small business application, system maintenance, and general trouble shooting. Responsible for supervising field operations personnel including hiring, payroll, logistical support, client relations, and scheduling. Responsible for financial reporting for the corporation and general business operations. Responsible for operations and maintenance of office and field computer system and equipment. Sold interest to other stockholder when consulting had better prospects than oil and gas exploration.

9/76 - 12/81 Programmer/Analyst U.S. Geological Survey, Golden, CO

While working on B.Sc. degree worked as an operator and programmer processing geophysical data. Duties included design of real time data acquisition of seismographic network and implementation of event detector strategies. Development included analog-to-digital conversion and buffering of data, interprocessor transfer of data via DMA parallel interface, and graphic routines to examine data. Installation and applications to perform Fast Fourier Transform on seismic data. Left to pursue interest in oil and gas exploration company.

Software Experience

Languages : C++, C, FORTRAN, Java, various assemblers.

Operating Systems : Linux (RHEL) Solaris, OpenVMS, ECOS, OS-9, Macintosh OS.

Development Environments: Netbeans, Microsoft Visual C++, Symantec C++, Solaris, VMS, GCC.

Networking : DECNET, TCP/IP, UDP, X.25.

Other : Bash, MySQL, JDBC, Javascript, device drivers, embedded software.


Colorado School of Mines, Golden, CO. M.Sc. in Mathematical and Computer Science

(Operations Research), Dec. 1996.

Colorado School of Mines, B.Sc., Engineering Physics with a minor in Geophysics, Dec. 1981.